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Where does the time go?

In crochet, knitting on August 10, 2013 at 11:19 pm

This past week has been a trying one for me. My heart has been heavy.

I posted it on FB, but I will share it here too.  My cousin is sick..again.  She has been going through bouts  of various cancers since her early 20’s.  She’s about to go through surgery and undergo radiation all over again.  After I made that FB post though, she told me that she had a heart attack last month…She’s only about 30 years old. I asked her what I could send to her and she wanted hats and… a blanket.  A bright blanket.

I still don’t do blankets, but I have graduated to blankies (which is an improvement). I reached out … requesting aide in making one on my FB page and Rachel has come to my rescue. (Rachel, please shout your blog out if you have one..I can’t locate any ) I’m using the same module from Warm Up America because doing rectangles are less overwhelming.  So I am working on 7″x9″ rectangles; knit or crochet and in any stitch pattern.  I need a total of 49. I’m using Lionbrand Vanna’s Choice.

If you would like to help me with this also, please let me know. If not no worries and no pressure.

What does this mean for my own personal knitting? Well, for one thing, the projects I had intended to do will be on pause momentarily so I can focus on my cousin. The next is, if I do a project it will have to be a WIP since the majority of the work would have been done already.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my rectangles.

  1. Really sorry to hear about your cousin. We don’t easily get tgat yarn here but my heart is helping. xxx

  2. Questions: 1) what colors? 2) does each piece need to be one color, or can we use multi-colored pieces? 3) does it have to be Vannas choice, or can we use other worsted weight (stash) yarn? 4) how do we get them to you? 5) when do you need them? 6) will you be mixing knit and crochet pieces in the same blanket? They will be very different in weight, thickness, and elasticity…

    • Thanks so much!
      Any color is OK. Just not black.
      Monochromatic or multicolored is fine. Any stitch pattern is good.
      As close to Vanna’s Choice as possible.
      When you’re done send me a message on Facebook and I will provide an address.
      I would like it by early September.
      Yes, I will be mixing knit and crochet pieces. They come out slightly heavier but they all work.

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  8. just found this post – are you set for squares? If not, let me know, I will whip some up for you.

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