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Why Does Knitting Make You Feel Good?

In Uncategorized on August 4, 2013 at 9:38 am

Better than medicine!

Feel Good Knitting

I mean, clearly it does. Otherwise why would we keep doing it? Have you ever wondered if the effects are “all in your head”? The answer is yes, mostly, but that doesn’t make them any less real. The positive effects of knitting can be divided into two main categories: those related to all hobbies, and those related specifically to knitting.

pepper bloom

All Hobbies

1. For those who suddenly have little to do with their time (say, the temporarily bedridden or the newly retired), hobbies provide just enough eustress to keep the mind sharp and feeling fulfilled. Learning something new (such as a new hobby) provides a similar effect.

2. Many hobbies also lend themselves to being conducted or discussed with groups, and it is well documented that social support and interaction is a great way to reduce stress.

3. Hobbies can play an active role in preventing job-related burnout, and people…

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  1. People at work know me as the one who knits and crochets…The type of work I do is rather stressful and I have found peace during the stress because I put the focus on the project rather than the stress. I find that knitting and crocheting just puts me in a different mind frame and I can carry on. Also true is the fact athat you get so caught up in a project that you “forget” to eat!lol

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