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July 2013 Yarnbox – Take Two

In crochet, knitting on July 27, 2013 at 3:55 pm

I guess this is no longer a spoiler since the August Yarnbox is expected in a few weeks.

Disclaimers about the video:
1. This is my very first properly executed self video. The first wasn’t taped properly i.e. vertically.
2. During the filming, I got a message on my tablet and it was heard on the video. And it’s loud too! lol Sorry.  Anyone know how to fix that for the next time?
3. I think I started speaking fast but I’m not sure. Sorry.  I’ll sum up what  I said below the video.

If you’re asking yourself, “What did she say?!?” Here it is:


The Postcards:
Laura Nelkin [codes for 50%off her jewelry kit on Ravelry | 20% off all e-patterns and books for July and August | 50% off her Craftsy classes]
Sarah Jane Jackson [1 copy of her ‘Frippery’ cuff pattern | 30% off any Ravelry pattern | 40% off the ‘Cuffed’ e-book]
Darn Good Yarn: Making a Positive Impact in the World, providing empowerment to those (Nepal and India) “who face gender and caste discrimination” … “empowerment comes from creatingmarvelous, high quality yarn from reclaimed materials.” Mostly the women of those countries are creating these yarns.

The Yarn:
2 skeins hot pink Darn Good Yarn – Lux Adventure Collection Recycled Silk Yarn (80 yds each)
1 skein Darn Good Yarn – Plush [that’s the hairy multicolored one] (32 yds)
1 skein Darn Good Yarn – At The Bahamas (117ft, 130 yds)

I’m not a fan of novelty yarn. And I consider this to be novelty yarn.




The Bottom Line: I’m disappointed with the box.  I have no idea what to do with them.  Any suggestions?

Not in the video:
1) I looked on Ravelry and SEVERAL people “Will trade or sell” Plush.  A few “will trade or sell” Lux Adventure Collection Recycled Silk Yarn and At The Bahamas.

2) I think that the Lux Adventure Collectionan be worked with. The other 2…I’m not so sure. I guess I’ll join the ” Will trade or Sell” crowd on Ravelry!

3) I’m not knocking this company, I think they are doing a very positive , beautiful thing for the people of India, I just wished they had selected some nicer yarn from their brand I saw like Brown Tweed Pulled Silk (all the colors), Harvest Silk Cloud Silk Yarn, Jar of Olives Chunky Wool Yarn.  I will still support as I stated,  because it is worthy and brings people to self-sufficiency and building their economy.

  1. The yarn looks…..interesting! 😉 If you wete to make up a useable pattern using the yarn you could make a bit of a fortune i suspect?

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