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In knitting on July 17, 2013 at 8:00 pm


Remember this, I hate lace and the only thing I despise more than lace is making a blanket. So, with that said, I’m on Instagram (@theknitterlyhooker) today monitoring my page and I saw that someone liked one of my photos.  I decided to check out their profile and I saw this really professional looking blanket and hat set. It was photographed beautifully and nicely (read: professional looking) labeled.  She really took it to the next level. Seriously. 

This individual has a Ravelry page, so you know, I went to look at her projects, right?! I had to! I saw the blanket pattern and all it takes is 1 ball of Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted on some 9’s!! The pattern is simple, but so cute. There’s no way, you wouldn’t want to knit it! It’s called The Newborn Baby Blanket by Altadena Green. It’s more like a blankie I’m gathering, so it’s not such a daunting task. I like it.  It’s simple. It’s easy.  It’s quick. I’m making it. Period.

So I have a few aran weight yarns (as per Ravelry, Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted is considered aran weight). I need your help making a decision.  Please cast your vote below. Voting closes on August 31, 2013 at 11:59pm EST. I’ll begin this project on September 1, 2013.

Updated 7/23/13: I realized now that the polldaddy survey is nonfunctional on the WordPress app. If this has been your experience, please cast your vote in the comment box.

The options are:
1. Lionbrand Cottonease – cream colored
2. Loop-d-Loop Durham Birch – oatmeal colored
3. GGH Tara – striped baby pink, off-white and baby blue.

  1. Seems like I am not alone with my choice. Off to check the pattern out as am looking for a baby blanket….

  2. That’s a tough choice! Maybe the oatmeal color? I like pretty neutrals sometimes. Good luck and thanks for sharing the pattern. I am going to go check it out right now! 🙂

  3. oh! I just went to look at the blanket. So pretty – makes me like the oatmeal idea even more! 🙂 All of the colors would be beautiful though!

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  5. I really love the Lion Brand Cottonease yarn, but it would be great if it could be in the oatmeal colour 🙂

  6. have casted a vote for GGH Tara – striped baby pink, off-white and baby blue… heehee.. i think i’m the only one with this vote.. oh.. i just love pink and baby blue.. 😀

  7. Oatmeal! the color is just so appealing … mmm and yummy thinking

  8. Hello I think #3 will be nice 🙂

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