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Crochet this, please

In crochet on July 11, 2013 at 8:00 pm


Yesterday, I sat in only the light of the television and my tablet illuminating my living room, when…Pling! a Facebook notification. A friend is expecting her first child and inquired if I could kindly make her this turtle blanket and hat. It’s cute, right? I know it! The funny thing about this request was that I was planning to make something anyway and I did consider this. However, the thing is, I wasn’t sure if it was her style. So me being me, figured I’d make something more practical like a sweater and bootie.

Though I had finally settled on making some sort of granny square project, specifically these spiffy shoes, I’ve decided on the turtle blanket. I don’t do blankets, but this does not seem like a daunting task…it’s all of 5 granny squares. Yipee!!!!

With the request, I had some stipulations…Perhaps I shouldn’t admit to this, buuuuuut….I (swift sentence..big breath, no breath in between words). But theeeen if that wasn’t bad enough, I had the audacity to request the spiffy shoes pattern be printed too. I did say please and thanks! Listen, no judgments please. I have no printer nor computer at the moment. Lol

I’ve been off the crochet hook a long time. I’m rusty, and but I’m breaking out the hooks! But old habits die hard, right? I’m scared! Lol

Wish me luck! I’m starting it now (that is, in July…not today, not tomorrow) even though the shower is in October, because, um, I know myself! Lol

Maybe this weekend I’ll go for a yarn run. Do y’all think cotton or wool?


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