The Knitterly Hooker

Why There Ain’t No Hooking!

In crochet on July 7, 2013 at 3:42 pm

I am hooking you guys…Um, I will, I swear! I know you guys are like, “Oh, she calls herself theknitterlyhooker, but she ain’t doing squat!.” Listen, I know, but I need to find a project I’m inspired by or something. I just finished looking through a dozen crochet magazines and nothing…My magazines I know are dated, the last one I have before the first Vogue Knitting Crochet is Crochet Today 2011.  Prior to the Crochet Today 2011 the oldest one I have is Crochet! January 2007.  I had only a couple possibilities. And I have minimal crochet books (only baby stuff and I don’t feel like making that) Do you see my plight?  I know crochet has changed a lot, but truth be told, I haven’t kept up. So, regular hookers, please offer up some assistance.  I would hate for anyone to feel neglected. I’d like to offer up the hook once in a while.

Please and Thanks!

  1. Try something hairpin or broomstick! I just saw a Lionbrand pattern for a broomstick clutch and it is on my list, but I am going to throw some beads in.

  2. Maybe try combining the two…knit yourself a simple shawl and add a lacy crocheted edge or something like that…

    or make a pillow out of these peace sign granny squares 🙂

    or maybe an owl cell phone cozy?

    I have a few more on my pinterest page if you want to take a look…all the projects I really want to get to…one of these days.

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