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Yarnbox…Opened and Unleashed

In knitting on June 21, 2013 at 1:21 am

Spoiler Alert!

If you have a subscription to Yarnbox and are waiting for your June box and wish to not know the contents please…please. Do not proceed to the video, but you can certainly continue reading.

So Yarnbox is a yarn subscription which I saw an advertisement for in Knit Scene or Interweave magazine back in May. I tried to order it myself, but there was a waiting list and I, of course, added myself. I received an email shortly after with a code which expired in 72 hours. So, I had to act fast!

My birthday was approaching and I sent that code to a special man who understands my love of yarn and knitting. He ordered a 3 month subscription for me. Then I waited and waited some more, for the June 17 ship date. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, it came. I couldn’t be happier! The yarn is absolutely gorgeous! It’s soft… It’s decadent… It’s all sorts of lushous deliousness! Three skeins of dk weight at 231 yards each were in the box! (Oh snap! Holler!) Do you know what I could make with that?! (Um, seriously, any ideas? I’m going to check out Ravelry for inspiration.)

Um. Just thought I’d share….

(Sorry, I couldn’t contain it! Did you see how I destroyed that box?! Lol)

  1. I love that yarn. I am happy for you.

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